The Hartel barrier (1997) is a storm surge barrier that, just like the Measlandtkering, makes up part of the Europoortkering. It is located near the Hartel Canal near Spijkenisse. The barrier is made of vertical lift gates that are suspended between the structure’s towers. The lift gates and the towers of the barrier have a unique shape: the gates are elliptical and the towers are oval. Construction of the Hartel barrier was a direct result of the decision in 1991 to construct a storm surge barrier in the Nieuwe Waterweg.

A storm surge barrier in the Europoort areas is essential. During extreme weather events and if the Maeslandtkering in the Nieuwe Waterweg is closed, too much sea water could flow into the Europoort area, posing a risk to the safety of Zuid-Holland. The Hartel barrier makes it possible to control such a flow of water. The water district Nieuwe Waterweg is responsible for the operation and management of the Hartel barrier.

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  • Construction completed: 1997
  • Length of gates: 49,3 and 98 m
  • Height to bottom of opened gates: NAP +14m
  • Height of gate when closed: NAP + 3m
  • Expected closure: 1 - 2 x per 10 years

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