The Haringvliet sluices where finished- and started operation on November 2, 1970. Because of the construction the Haringvliet was transformed from an estuary to a large fresh water basin. The positive effects of the sluices are clear: improved safety, a permanent fresh water basin and an adjustable salt water “faucet”.

The aquatic ecosystem in the Haringvliet, however, greatly suffers from the quick change from salty to fresh water. In 2008 the sluices are therefore slightly opened and create a somewhat more natural delta. This means that during high and low tide limited opening of the sluices is allowed. This makes it possible for sea water to flow into the Haringvliet, creating a more natural transitional area between the salty sea water and fresh river water in the Haringvliet. Operation and management of the sluices is the responsibility of the waterdistrict Haringvliet.

  1. Safety standard/inundationfrequency: 1/4000haringvliet barrier video
  2. Number of sluices:  17
  3. Size per gate:
  • Sea site 58,5 m width,
  • Sea site height 8,5 m,
  • River site 56,5 m width,
  • River site height 10,5 m.X
  1. Weight of gates: approx. 550 ton per gate

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