In 1953 Rijkswaterstaat authorized the closure of the mouth of the Hollandsche IJssel.   It was chosen to build a movable floodgate because raising the existing levees would not provide sufficient security for the hinterlands and would cost too much money and time.

In 1958 the floodgate was completed. During normal water levels the gate is open, allowing 5 million cubic meters of water to pass during each tidal movement. In this manner the tides help reduce salt water intrusion in the Nieuwe Waterweg. In 1976 a second gate was added to the structure. The water district Nieuwe Waterweg operates and manages the floodgate.

  1. Safety standard/inundation frequency: dutch ijssel barrier video
  • River site 1/4.000
  • Sea site 1/10.000
  1. Level at which gates are closed: NAP +2,25
  2. Each Gate weight: 480 tons
  3. Each Gate width: 81,2 m
  4. Each Gate height: 11,5 m
  5. Lock width: 24 m
  6. Lock length: 120 m
  7. Weight individual doors and locks: 60 ton

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