For centuries the sea has shown itself to be a destructive force, which mankind must always take into account.

To protect people and reduce the risks of flooding, structures like dams, dikes and  movable storm flood surge barrier have been build.

Many countries around the world have constructed storm flood surge barriers to manage the risks of coastal surges. These include:

  • United Kingdom,
  • Netherlands,
  • Italy,
  • Russia,
  • Germany
  • USA

As experience of these unique structures is scarce and requires specialist knowledge, exchanging knowledge internationally is essential so we can learn from each other. This is increasingly important as we account for the effects of climate change and sea level rise.

Founding members recognised the value of sharing knowledge and experience and decided to extend the network beyond just managers and to form  I-STORM - the international network of storm surge barrier professionals.


An overview of the barriers connected to I-STORM:

YouTube films of Barrierrs:

Dutch Water Defence part 1

Dutch Water Defence part 2