The Network


Aim of the international network is sharing experiences and the transfer of knowledge on operational and functional management of large movable storm surge barriers in order to optimise the management of barriers by innovative management. This objective is achieved by the organisation of a network that serves as a meeting place for Storm Surge Barrier Managers.

Activities, products and services

The network was established in 2006 and in the meantime, various activities have taken place in this context. Each year a conference is organised in which barrier managers meet and discuss about different topics of similar interest. Besides, these annual conference meetings, which function like a meeting place for barrier managers, more activities take place. They vary from simple phone calls, conference calls to field trips, traineeships, joint projects and setting up information facilities. This enables barrier managers to easily contact each other and find information on other barriers.


The challenge of this network is to enable Storm Surge Barrier Managers to easily get in touch with each other on whatever subject related to the management of the storm surge barriers. This network also enables barrier managers to work together on common issues like the response to climate change, sea level rise and flood warning systems.


The steering committee takes all strategic decisions (ambition, strategy, aim.). Their main agreements are summarised in so-called working agreements. The steering committee consists of representatives of different organisations involved in the network and the coordinator for the international network. The coordinator for the international network has a facilitating, initiating and intermediate role between the different organisations involved.